International Beauty Ranking

International Beauty Ranking is a ranking which compares the performance of all countries in 5 main pageants for women and 5 main pageants men.

Female pageants in the ranking include:

  • Miss World
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss International
  • Miss Supranational
  • Miss Grand International

Male pageants in the ranking include:

  • Manhunt International
  • Mister World
  • Mister International
  • Mister Global
  • Mister Supranational


Placement Point
Winner 10
1st runner-up 9
2nd runner-up 8
3rd runner-up/Top 4 7
4th runner-up/Top 5 6
5th runner-up/Top 6 5
6th runner-up/Top 7 4
Top 8-12 3
Top 13-20 2
Top 20+ 1


  • If the winner or a runner-up is dethroned and officially replaced by another candidate, the country of the dethroned one will lose all the points achieved from the placement. The candidate assuming the title will be awarded points of the respective placement.